We are Rentelligent

Rentelligent operates the two leading tenancy life cycle platforms Husleie.no and SmartMiete in Norway and Germany respectively. The most recent contribution to our family is Miet-Check, the leading source for rent levels in the German market.

We started off in Norway, one of the smallest, yet most digital rental markets globally, back in 2017. Five years later we took our big shoes on and stepped into Germany, the biggest but one of the least digital, rental markets in Europe.

The similarities between the two geographies are few;

  • In Germany 57% (24M) of the households live in a rented home, while in Norway owning your home is the thing so only 23% live in a rented home
  • In Norway all things happen digitally, including signing leases and opening up security deposit accounts. In Germany, few things have happened digitally in the rental space. Until now.
Despite the differences in size and digital readiness, our technology and market understanding are applicable to both markets. Much thanks to our ability attracted top talents from Germany and other European countries. From being a small team of nine in Oslo when covid started back in 2020 we are now counting 30 team members that work from Norway, Sweden, Germany, UK, Spain, Belgium and Serbia.
For us that love digitalisation and disruption the residential rental market is a dream come true. The markets are big, there’s lot of money, processes are analogue and manual, the parties are amateurs which needs handholding, the pitfalls are many and the stakes are high.

Dec 2016

Coding started

Feb 2017

Beta-launch of Husleie.no

Dec 2018

Seed-round of € 2M

Apr 2019

Launched market’s most disruptive deposit account

Nov 2020

Raised € 5M to expand internationally

Sep 2021

Beta launched SmartMiete in the German market

Jun 2022

Introduced deposit subscription for tenants in Norway

Jun 2023

Acquired Miet-Check.de and integrated it with the SmartMiete offerings

Oct 2023

Pilot-launched Vermieter+ subscription in Germany

March 2024

Launched Instabank as Husleie.no's new partner for deposit accounts.